About Me

I'm someone that is polyvalent and that can adapt to any situation or programming language. People around me say that I'm someone that can bring a good atmosphere around him and that can be serious when needed.

Contact Details

Amir Alwash
Born on June 20th, 1993
Chemin des Semailles 3b
1212 Grand-Lancy, Geneva
+41 (0)79 584 70 14


Technical assistant

Haute École de Gestion de Genève March 2020 - Present

I was hired by the HEG to develop a solution to get lasting ids (ARKs) to have a swiss option. The project was developed using Python and Django.

Unity developer

Independent January 2020 - Present

Started developing game on Unity with a friend.

Web developer

Ebea Software October 2019 - Present

With Ebea, I was able to practice most of my knowledge learnt during my studies or alone. Most is linked to infrastructures and severs- I was able to develop on the framework Symfony for some projects as well.

Web developer intern

University of Geneva March 29 - August 2019 / January 2020 - February 2020

The university hired me to develop a website to display and have an easy access to the educational innovaitons' projects created. I had to analyze, prototype and develop a website using Concrete5, a PHP framework. The swebsite is online and the comments are very good.

IT manager

Association des Étudiants en systèmes d'information - Geneva September 2018 - June 2019

Responsible for maintaining the website written on Concrete5 and some of the social networks of the association.

Volunteer main developer

Online forum 2010 - 2013

Development and maintenance of an online forum created with phpBB as its assistant developer (Use of HTML/CSS/JS and PHP) as well as managing a team of developer/graphistes of 5 people.

Volunteer developer - assistant

Online forum 2007 - 2010

Development and maintenance of an online forum created with phpBB as its assistant developer (Use of HTML/CSS/JS and PHP).


Bachelor of information systems and services sciences

University of Geneva 2016 - 2019 Bachelor obtained

Bachelor of computer science

University of Geneva 2015 - 2016

Bachelor of human medicine

University of Geneva 2014 - 2015

Professional skills

My studies gave me a colelction of computer's knowledge about a lot of area. I'm able to learn and deepen them with personal projects or my jobs.

  • Agile method
    5 years
  • Analysis of websites
    4 years
  • Bash and the Linux environment
    6 years
  • Docker
    4 years
  • Git
    7 years
  • Office (Microsoft Office)
    13 years
  • Project Management
    5 years
  • Prototyping and Design
    5 years
  • Unity
    7 years
  • Use of various framework (Django, phpBB and others)
    10 years

Programming Languages

I have a vast variety of knowledge on various languages and am able to adapt to the situations.

  • Android
    6 years
  • C and Python
    8 years
  • C++
    5 years
  • C#
    7 years
  • Java
    6 years
  • MySQL
    7 years
  • Nativescript (Mobile development)
    2 years
  • Node.js
    7 years
  • NoSQL and ElasticSearch
    4 years
  • PHP
    11 years
  • Triplestore
    2 years
  • Web (HTML / CSS / JS)
    13 years

Languages skills


Native Language


B2 Level